Diversa is a line of PIR (passive infrared) and Dual Technology occupancy and vacancy sensors designed to meet your market requirements. Diversa Dual Technology sensors use PIR and proprietary ADI-Voice technology to identify room occupancy and vacancy. Diversa sensors are available in corner mount, recessed ceiling and wall switch models and support 120/277Vac, 347Vac and low voltage 24Vac applications. The specification document below is designed to help you develop specifications for Diversa sensors.

Dialog System

The Dialog lighting control system utilizes networking technology connecting relay panels, switches and sensors based upon a 2-wire data line providing both power and data to all devices. The network is free topology to achieve maximum network distance. The system uses a web server device complete with a touch screen located in a relay panel so that programming and viewing of status can be accomplished at the panel or by any PC/laptop connected to the same LAN or via the internet.

Standard Pre-assembled Products

Hardwired Low Voltage Lighting Controls utilizing 2 wire low voltage switches to control the Douglas relays. Simple Scanners and Programmable Scanners may be used to provide multiple relay switching for master ON/OFF controls. Additional controls such as photocells, occupancy sensors, time clocks, etc are also available. Panels equipped with programmable scanners and nodes can also be networked together using a LonWorks data bus.

LitePak™ 2 Control Panels

LitePak™ 2 Control Panels are a cost effective panel targeted for small applications. The LitePak™ 2 panels use the 20A lighting load rated Douglas relays and are controlled with a built-in full featured photo/astro/timer controller. Optionally override switches can be connected and expansion panels can be added.

Dialog Room Controller

Easy to install, easy to use, the Dialog Room Controller for lighting and receptacle control of stand-alone offices and classrooms is a Plug 'N Control ready, out-of-the-box system that is configured, labelled and tested before shipment. Systems include: Dialog Room Controller, Occupancy and Daylight sensors and Wall Stations.

The Dialog Room Controller system can also be used in a centralized, fully networked Dialog system. Select the appropriate kits, connect to the Dialog network controller (WLC-3150) and facility wide control capability is enabled. Advantages include global control and scheduling, faster installations, less long wire/conduit runs, and room-by-room commissioning before centralized network connections are completed.